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my love language

Have you ever read the book The Five Love Languages?   I have a copy of it, and I have read it several times.  It helped me learn a lot about who I am as a person, and how someone can best love me.  I know that may not make a lot of sense, but if your partner doesn’t know what you need, then how can they best love you.

So my oils team leader had us take the quiz to learn how she can better “love us as a leader”.  So, I took it.  Here are my scores:

As you can see, I scored pretty high on words of affirmation.  That is something that is so important to me.   One of the worst things about my previous marriage was that I was constantly told I was worthless, and that no one would want me ever.   I think I crave being told positive things.  Jake tells me every morning that I am beautiful – it is a simple morning greeting that he says everyday without fail “good morning beautiful”.  It doesn’t matter that I have heard it probably 500 times before, I still love it.    Hearing I love you, while important isn’t what this one is all about, why does someone love you – that’s what someone with this love language wants to know!  Give me the reasons why!!   It is also the other things, like “I appreciate you” or “I am so glad you are in my life” that are part of that love language.

When my boss or someone tells me that I am doing a good job – I love it.  That’s my main love language – words of affirmation.

Second up is physical touch.  Y’all – I’m a hugger.  I hug everyone, and chances are if we have met at least once I have hugged you.  I think it is the southern in me, I’m not sure.  I just love to love on people (if you don’t like being hugged, probably should tell me upfront, so I don’t invade your space).   I love it when Jake reaches for my hand in the car or when we are out & about.  It makes me feel loved, and makes me feel safe.

Now, the receiving gifts is a tricky one.  Of course I love it when someone gifts me a gift, it would make anyone feel special!  It isn’t about the material possession, it is about the thought & effort behind the gift.  Some of my favorite things in the world are handwritten notes.  I guess you could see them as a gift if you think about it.  I have notes pinned to my board at work from my students & coworkers, and my kids.  I even have the card from the 1st time Jake ever sent me flowers.  It is a powerful reminder that in that moment, someone was thinking of you.  My notes from my grad students, whether its a personal note or a silly postcard they sent while they were travelling mean so much to me.  I have “happy a.p. day” notes from coworkers, drawings my kids gave me, a funny Valentines card from a student.  All those things are gifts to me, and go along with the words of affirmation as well.

The last 2 are important, but rank lower in my mind.  Acts of service are like helping out with laundry or filling my gas tank up.   We share chores in this house, so that someone isn’t always pulling a heavy load.  We both work full time and sometimes it is hard to come home and work more.  I don’t see this as something “special” that Jake does just for me – its just part of running this household.  With 3 kids, 2 full time jobs, and a business to run – we don’t have time to let things fall by the wayside.   Quality time, we get that a lot.  Jake and I literally do EVERYTHING together, and its not because we don’t want the other doing stuff by themselves, it is just we genuinely enjoy being with each other.  We both have our own hobbies (he loves golf, I love blogging), so we do that separately.  I personally consider every moment we spend together as “quality time”.

I highly encourage you to take the quiz, you can do so here:  and share those results with your significant other.    In doing so, you may open up new worlds for both of you and your relationship.

Let me know in the comments what your love language is.  I would love to know if you think it is accurate to you!


TBT: Clearly Canadian

So it all started with a facebook post from Jake’s high school friend JD.  He had found Clearly Canadian drinks, something I haven’t seen since high school.   He had all the flavors:  Country Peach, Wild Cherry,  Mountain Blackberry and Raspberry.  I was in awe, and wishing he could just ship me some – even if it was to just have a taste of each one and share with my kids.

Fast forward a few months, and we happened to be stopping in a shopping center that had World Market.  After following Jake and Jonathan around Best Buy & Petsmart, I decided that we were going to go to World Market (if mom has to be dragged into stores, they can return the favor).  I had remembered JD mentioning that he had heard about them being found in the World Market stores.

After browsing a few aisles, I made my way back to the food & beverage section (which is probably my favorite section of that store anyway).  We found them – by the bottle or by the case.  I quickly sent Jonathan to the truck for my purse, and I went off to find a basket.  We loaded up on 3 per flavor (except peach, because I remember hating that flavor) – and off to the register we went.  Later that night, we popped the first one open and sure enough, it tastes just like I remember.  Now if we could get companies to bring back Pudding Pops, I’d be pretty set.   I have been enjoying packing these lovely little drinks with my lunch this week!

What items would you like to see brought back?  Any childhood favorites that we could interest you in?


just another manic monday

Y’all – I swear I have the best of intentions to keep writing, but man life is just busy sometimes!   Before Jake and I started dating, I had a ton of time on Tuesdays/Wednesdays when the kids would go to their dads to write, go to the library and just work.  Then when we started dating, I wanted to spend the time with them – so the writing (and reading) fell by the wayside.  It actually is a long running joke between Jake and I about reading.  In the first few weeks we were dating, he would text me and ask me what I was doing.  An hour later, we’d still be texting (or chatting) and he would ask how the book was.  My standard line was “you know damn well I haven’t been reading”.  Yeah, life is still like that – although now we live in the same house and are married.  Our nights with the kids home are filled with dinner, homework, showers & bedtime routines.   The nights without the kids are spent cleaning up, going for walks and watching jeopardy nightly (yes, I still beat him at jeopardy most nights).    I love devoting my evenings to my husband and my kids.  I spend all day on a computer at work, and lots of times don’t want to turn one on when I get home.

I do try to get some posts up & scheduled.  I am trying to sort out who I am going to work with this holiday season.  Blogging has gotten slower than it once was in terms of sponsored postings.  I used to work with Best Buy a great deal, but that has since slowed down a lot.  I should be better about promoting my own business – and I have a plan to do that.   Its the execution that I am slacking on.

I have some posts scheduled out for this week, some wedding posts & some funny.  Now that I have gotten into a routine of packing my lunch, I can spend the lunch breaks locked in my office writing & working my business like I should.

So for now, know that I always have the best of intentions – and I’m a work in progress.


Fall Swago!


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Wedding Wednesday – Dance Off!

A few more shots from our wedding – all the dancing!  I am so glad we went with a DJ, I’m so excited we got to dance.  I do wish the dancing had lasted longer into the
evening, but it was hot – so I get it!    I know we were dancing to “Girls, Girls, Girls”
in some of these photos. 


It is hard to believe we are so far into fall.  The kids have settled into good routines with school, but us as parents on the other hand – yeah….we are working on it.  Throwing a honeymoon into the middle threw us off a bit, but we are catching back on quick.    Life has been good, although work has been stressful and busy.  We try to keep work at work as best we can, but sometimes it creeps into home life.   I did want to type out  a quick blog post to tell everyone, we are still here and kicking!  

We have hit our 1st home Carolina game, battled a cold (me), and babysat for friends.  We have plans to attend a few more Carolina games (we are season ticket holders), we took Katie to Biltmore & hopefully we can hit up a brewery and IKEA at some point this fall.  We need to get Katie a new bed frame, and get Jonathan one too (he is quickly outgrowing his loft bed).

It may be fall, but you know South Carolina – if we don’t hit 90 everyday until damn near the end of October it wouldn’t be normal.   Y’all know I love the hot weather – but I’m so ready to open the windows and air the house out a bit!    I would love to take the kids to pick pumpkins, but closer to Halloween.  I think carving pumpkins is so incredibly gross – but the kids love it – so I think I’ll leave that task to Jake!  

What is on tap for you this fall?   Cider Mills, breweries, pumpkin patches?  









wedding Wednesday!

Just a few shots from when we were doing our vows to one another.  We wrote our own, and didn’t let the other see/hear until that day.  Such a special moment between Jake and I, and I am so glad we did it.

a transition point

Jake and I have found ourselves in a bit of a quandary.  We love our church we currently attend and have attended for almost 2 years.  We love the services, the friends we have made in our Sunday School class and the overall atmosphere of the church.  However – we are not fond of our new pastor.   We know that with any transition such as this, that there are changes made and you have to give it time.  Our new pastor came around Easter of this year when our old pastor (who we loved) retired.  We have tried and tried, but find ourselves wanting to skip because we just don’t like the way he preaches.  Having been through several pastor transitions in my home church in VA, I know that some people will just “suck it up” because it is their home church and they don’t want to change.  We have adapted to some changes in regards to service times, the way that the children’s space is run – but we cannot get past the fact that we are just not fond of the pastor.   One of the other things that sits with us, is that our church is on the far side of the city – about 25 minutes away on a Sunday morning – but on a weekday evening – much more with traffic.  We are not able to do things in the evenings because by the time we got home from work to go there, it would be too late.  Leaving our jobs early is not an option.

However, the challenge in finding a new church is that Lexington has a lot of options, so so many in fact.  We want to be able to “plug in” to small groups, and Wednesday night suppers and be active in our church in a way that we cannot with our current church.  But we are faced with this scary prospect of “church shopping”.  We are fond of contemporary services with bands and praise music, and if you can wear jeans its a plus (in our minds, god doesn’t care what you wear, he cares you are there).   We have gotten a list together, and researched their websites.  We have listened to sermons & podcasts of different activities and our next step is just getting out there and going.

I guess in some ways I wanted to type this all out to “get it out” and ask that others pray for us in this transition.  It is hard to leave behind something, and maybe it is more so the people for us – we adore our Sunday school class.  While I guess it is possible to just go to that portion, and skip service – I feel like we would be doing ourselves a disservice.  And also, we would be unplugging ourselves from so many opportunities to mission to others.   I’d love to hear from others that have been in a similar position as us, so give me a shout if you have been through something similar.